Why Lead New Jersey?

"Lead New Jersey's been very important in my career in things that I've accomplished…once you join the LNJ family, you have lots of potential folks out there to help you, so I have leveraged the contacts and LNJ fellows over the years many times. Moreover, the program itself, when we tackle each of these big issues facing New Jersey or facing society, you get a perspective you didn't have before."
-- Dennis Bone, LNJ '92, Director, Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship at Montclair State University, retired President and CEO, Verizon


The most common remark we hear from Fellows about LNJ is "I should have done it sooner." The commitment to participating as an LNJ Fellow can be daunting, but reaps rewards that can only be described as priceless. For newcomers to New Jersey, it is considered to be the best "crash course" one can experience on the issues New Jersey is facing and the people working around the state to address them. For long-time and even lifelong residents of New Jersey, LNJ provides new and expanded experiences, information, perspective, and destinations. Fellows report to LNJ that their participation in the program heightened their awareness of the breadth and depth of the issues confronting New Jersey, leading to take action within their communities. 

 “What LNJ really did is expose me to both a spectrum of people that I probably would not have interacted with otherwise, and I met some other smart people who thought differently than I did. I had no real appreciation for environmental concerns, and I remember [LNJ] took us to the Pinelands. I saw that pristine water; it was a very peaceful, sacred space, and I remember saying to myself, ‘You know, this really should be preserved.’” -- Gwendolyn Harris, LNJ ’88, Executive Director, Rand Institute for Public Affairs, Rutgers University, Camden

Among LNJ's 1800+ cadre of Fellows are some of the state's most prominent corporate executives, government officials, and nonprofit leaders. The combination of the LNJ network, public policy education, and leadership development have helped enable Fellows reach new heights in their professional careers and civic engagement. In a recent survey of Fellows, one third of respondents reported receiving a major award or honor for outstanding work at the community or state level since finishing their LNJ year, and approximately 40% reported holding local, statewide, or national appointments since their graduation from LNJ.

 “I am truly grateful for my participation in LNJ.  It is the BEST leadership program!  LNJ has provided value beyond my expectations and has been a key influence on me as a leader in the “for purpose” industry. In my work, I have secured key partnerships with corporations and community organizations that move my organization's mission forward and were made possible because I am an LNJ Fellow.”
--Denise Andersen, LNJ ’10, Vice President, National Kidney Foundation, Northeast Region.

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